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React Hooks: Optimizing for performance

If you have been using React hooks for a while, you might have already fallen in love with them. Almost all developers are now using them and changing their class based components…

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Angular - Datatables and why use one

New BeginningsSo you've been assigned a task to create a web interface to display some data that you don't really care about.You don't know how this data is gonna be useful to any…

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React- Your First Custom Hook

React 16.8.0 introduces Hooks. Take notice that this is not React 17.0.0 because hooks can seamlessly integrate into your react code ,meaning they won’t break your existing code…

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Angular- How to avoid Memory Leaks from Subscriptions?

In Angular 2+, RxJs is used extensively and as developers we should be careful about the performance drawbacks of excessive subscriptions. The Angular team, when integrating rxjs…

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Angular — Fallback for Broken Images

If you have worked with images on websites then you must have run into the common problem where the image doesn’t load for some reason. Maybe the link is broken, or the link might…

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